"Fire Protection Built on Integrity"

321 Fire Protection Co

truly is

"Fire Protection Built on Integrity"

321 Fire Protection is an owner/operated company that was started with the main purpose of giving people what they want and need.  Honest, upfront, transparent fire protection services.  The fire protection industry is very unique.  When you hire a fire protection contractor, you should expect these qualities.  Think about the current contractors you use.  Do they posses these qualities?


Are you happy with your current fire protection contractor?

​If your answer is an immediate, jump up and down "YES!!!", then we think that is great.  And we completely understand why you will stay loyal to them.  They have earned it.  That means they answer the phone, and come out when they say they will.  They don't play pricing games.  They finish a job when they say they will.  They answer your questions without giving you the "run around". 

If your answer was NOT an immediate "YES!!!", then we encourage you to give us a call, or send us an email.  It's that simple.

Give us a chance to show you what you deserve in a fire protection contractor.



One of our goals is to give you THE BEST customer service.  Not just the best customer service in the fire protection industry, but rather, the best customer service that you receive from any of your vendors.  We want you to think about 321 Fire Protection Co, and tell people about our great customer service, any time you are discussing customer service, with anyone, in any way.